October 29, 2017

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8 top tax and estate planning tips

These underutilized strategies give financial advisers the edge with clients. (Watch: )

Maximizing the tax benefits of mortgage interest, home equity loans

Understanding options with residential deductions is a great way to add value for clients.

Editorial It's time to speak up about sexual harassment in the workplace

We are kidding ourselves if we think it doesn't happen in the financial advice profession, if we think we are somehow different from testosterone-driven Hollywood.

John Waggoner There are lots of tax losses to harvest this year

Despite the bull market, advisers can find plenty of losers to cull for their clients.

Bruce Kelly Wedbush Securities, once again, in trouble with regulators

How do firms and brokers or executives continue to make the same sorts of mistakes while Finra and the SEC consistently miss the transgression?

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