How retirement plan advisers can combat 'dramatic' fee compression

The fee squeeze is at a tipping point, and 401(k) advisers need to adapt by being more diligent in assessing their profit margins and value proposition.

Fiduciary education is key for plan-sponsor investment committees

Regular training can help committee members understand their responsibilities to plan participants.

401(k) advisers value active management in some categories, despite indexing craze

Fixed income and emerging markets are areas where active funds make sense, some experts say.

Tibble v. Edison 401(k) fee-case decision offers 3 lessons

he recent ruling makes important points regarding share-class selection, the timing of fund changes and comparisons to the S&P 500 index.

How 401(k) advisers can bullet-proof themselves against litigation risk under DOL fiduciary rule

Tons of 401(k) advisers will be prone to litigation come June, and advisers need to know where the pitfalls lie and how best to protect themselves.

Retirement plan advisers turning to RIA aggregators to build practices

Interest in aggregator firms focused on 401(k) plans has grown, but advisers must weigh what they'd be sacrificing and gaining through such arrangements.

Plan advisers give stable value another look

By mandating that nongovernment money funds add special fees, redemption restrictions and floating net-asset values, the SEC has given plan advisers a reason to reassess the cash management options in company-sponsored plans.

What plan sponsors look for in a 401(k) adviser

Clients are looking for more when it comes to participant education, communication, investment reporting and investment results.


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Greg Iacurci

Greg Iacurci

Reporter, retirement plan advice


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September 02, 2017

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