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Top-earning advisers aim to become industry thought leaders

November 22, 2017

In a study conducted last year by iCapital Network with more than 800 advisers about their day-to-day business activities and ongoing practice development strategies, we learned that top-earning advisers – those consistently earning $1 million...

A third-party cyber attack is your firm's problem

November 21, 2017

Recent high-profile cyberattacks underscore the importance of tracking how and where client data is used, transferred and stored by third party vendors to RIAs. The reality is, "the cloud" is not – and never was – a cybersecurity solution....

Wealth managers inundated with questions on bitcoin

November 21, 2017

At 74, Cumberland Advisors' David Kotok has guided wealthy clients through a long career's worth of bubbles and crashes. Now he's being inundated with questions about the latest soaring asset to confound investors — bitcoin. "Clients bring...

Finra updates and enhances Fund Analyzer tool

November 21, 2017

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Inc. has updated its Fund Analyzer tool, which is designed to help investors and financial professionals understand the fees and discounts available on mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, exchange-traded...

Women don't need to be advisers to succeed in advice industry

November 20, 2017

Emotional intelligence is a core asset for any adviser, and one where women often excel. But serving as a financial adviser is not the only role in the advice industry where women can shine. Today, women are making an impact in a variety of...

Morningstar, Orion and many more vendors unleash tech launches at Schwab IMPACT

November 16, 2017

Large industry events like Charles Schwab's annual IMPACT conference, happening this week in Chicago, are increasingly focusing on technology. Not only are firms integrating third-party software with their brokerage platforms to meet adviser...

Fidelity's eMoney Advisor partners with Schwab

November 15, 2017

Financial planning technology firm eMoney Advisor plans to integrate with Schwab Advisor Services' OpenView Gateway, eMoney announced today at the annual Charles Schwab IMPACT conference in Chicago. The move is interesting given the competitive...

Digital disruption coming for asset managers, says Moody's

November 15, 2017

The next wave of digital disruption in the asset management business will come about as the result of the industry's lack of innovation and long-term underperformance. That's the view of Moody's Investors Service in a report that sees technological...

Betterment launches 'free' charitable-giving platform

November 15, 2017

Betterment plans to digitize yet another value proposition of traditional advisers, this time setting its robo-sights on charitable giving. A new feature from the digital adviser, aptly named Betterment Charitable Giving, lets investors donate...

Envestnet Tamarac overhauls adviser software

November 14, 2017

Envestnet Tamarac is launching a significantly redesigned version of its wealth management software suite for advisers. What was formerly known as Advisor Xi is now simply called Tamarac, but the company says the update is much more than either...

Three former TD execs have big plans for small TAMP

November 13, 2017

Three former TD Ameritrade executives are taking over a small turnkey asset management platform with hopes of turning it into a major player in the wealth management industry. Bryce Engel, a former senior vice president and chief brokerage officer...

Advisers still wary of bitcoin as interest grows

November 9, 2017

Investment advisers still warn their clients about the dangers of bitcoin – but they are getting more inquiries about the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin began the year at $899.65, according to, and was trading Wednesday at $7,229.39...

Smart data can improve behavior, outcomes for retirement savers

November 9, 2017

We have all heard of big data, which the defined contribution industry has not leveraged sufficiently and has gotten a black eye for it. At a recent industry conference, I heard Tina Wilson, senior vice president at MassMutual, mention a new...

Capitect using technology to deliver 'mass personalization' to portfolios

November 8, 2017

As passive investing and robo-advisers continue to commoditize investment management, advisers are told they need to find new ways to demonstrate value to clients. An increasingly popular strategy is to turn client assets over to model portfolios...

Salesforce partners with IBM Watson for AI use in CRM

November 7, 2017

Salesforce is making it easier for developers to use IBM Watson's artificial intelligence engine within the firm's customer relationship management software, which could lead to some exciting new technology for advisers. To kick off the annual...

Wells Fargo launches hybrid robo-adviser

November 6, 2017

Wells Fargo officially got into the digital advice market on Monday with the launch of Intuitive Investor, the bank's new hybrid robo-adviser. The offering combines digital access to a portfolio of ETFs designed by the Wells Fargo Investment...

Do financial advisers need mandatory technology adoption?

November 4, 2017

Technology can work many wonders — as long as it is used. One persistent problem in the advice business, however, is the relatively low rate at which advisers adopt new technology. Could adoption be mandatory? Participants in the Technology...

America's digital financial habits disappoint

November 4, 2017

Consumers of all ages are spending their money online, but fewer use digital tools to save and invest. Firms are looking for tools to make it easier. Digital tools can enhance their clients' financial services experience and the overall stickiness...

What's the next emerging technology for advisers?

November 4, 2017

The current and future states of adviser technology were the subjects of two hour-long sessions at the Mopedia Technology Think Tank held in September in New York. In each session, participants were asked to identify their firm's top...

Technology issues test RIAs and custodians

November 4, 2017

Gather the technology leaders of competing custodians and registered investment advisers of various sizes, and there are sure to be some disagreements about whether robo-advisers are a blessing or a curse and which are the greatest cybersecurity...

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